Project Ramadan Street

Project Ramadan Street, is the brainchild of Qenza, to encourage love and joy for the month of Ramadan in children beyond celebrating and dressing up for Eid. Ramadan Street introduces young children to the richness and diversity of our community that becomes more vibrant during Ramadan. The design features familiar metropolitan and domestic sights that nudge their curiosity for the world around them.

We worked with illustrator Ann Jaafar, for her ability to create fantasy out of the ordinary. Her illustrations bring to life fun characters that inspire young children’s imagination.

We invited Azalia Suhaimi, founder of Littlest Hands, to create a series of activities for parents and children that encourage learning through play, and bonding between parent and child.

Everything kids love in one package.

Specially designed for kids that have a natural curiosity
to explore, peek behind doors and rip into gifts.

Activities for everyone to join in.

Project Ramadan Street comes with 14 activities for
the two age groups 3-6 and 7-12.