Qenza Travel Series

Muslims have a long standing tradition of travel. We travel for work, leisure and faith. There are  many beautiful verses in the Quran that encouraged travel, exploration and discovery. This inspired the Qenza travel series.

Practicality, Comfort and Style.

To design the series, we started with these three goals. For the sejadah, we chose a light material, that was soft and comfortable. We hand painted gorgeous natural landscapes, reflecting our love for travel and exploration. The landscapes are captured from a birds eye view, evoking a humbling feeling of the vastness and wonder of the world. The mats are machine washable and easily fold away into a small carry bag.

Furthering the collection, we designed complementing passport holders that cater for the modern traveler, including little details that make it a great travel companion. The passport holders come in single and family sizes, custom designed to modern essentials, reducing any unnecessary bulk.